Crepe-based and smooth papers for a variety of applications, with a weight-range from 35 to 200 g/m²; used for:

  • Paper for medical applications: Sterilisation paper, Dental paper, Paper Rolls for medical treatment couches or beds
  • Food papers: Butchery paper and Bakery crepe paper
  • Paper for the agricultural sector: biodegradable paper applications in agriculture and horticulture to discourage weeds
  • Base paper for wet wipes: refreshing towels, wipes for glasses, bandages, cleansing wipes etc.
  • Crepe-based paper for special applications: such as processing to cigarette filter tips


Finishing and packaging of crepe-based or smooth paper into:

  • Coffee filters: Cone-shaped coffee filter papers for domestic coffee brewing machines, A-CUP basket coffee filter papers for catering coffee brewers of up to 3 litres capacity, URN-size basket filters for industrial coffee brewing equipment from 5 to 20+ litres capacity
  • Baking paper: in sheet and roll formats
  • Special filter types: Flat circles, Coil filter rolls, Cooking oil filters, other food related products, commercial, industrial and blotting papers
  • Paper for medical and food applications: in sheet and roll formats


We would be pleased to help research new products with you, with formulations and properties developed to your specific applications.